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Здесь можно будет попробовать самые эксклюзивные продукты

Это летняя терраса c чистейшим воздухом. Здесь неоднократно брали специальные пробы и они оказались действительно впечатляющими – заключение: «воздух абсолютно чист».

Первое из них – мясо, рыба и морепродукты преимущественно на гриле.

Вторая важная тема меню – сезонные фрукты и овощи.

Любые дары лета шефы с радостью приготовят любыми доступными способами, мастерски дополнив блюда авторскими соусами. Первое из них – мясо, рыба и морепродукты преимущественно на гриле.


Every day there is a reason for a holiday! Insight presents its new entertainment program: 7 days a week after 23.00 the restaurant turns into a club to surprise its guests with unique concert.
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On Mondays, trio of musicians are playing on Hanga, a quiet light lounge-music finishes stormy weekend and helps to come into the rhythm of the new week.
On Tuesdays, the duet of DJ and percussionist Vanya Vega & Lev Slepner is on the stage - ethnic music with live percussion.
On Wednesdays, Insight gives its guests a chance to hear new young performers.
On Thursdays, surprising parties of Anton Lavrentiev and his band of aesthetic improvisation “Gipsy Band”.
Famous Techno Live Orchestra is still here on Fridays and Saturdays for those who are ready to dance until the morning.
And on Sundays guests of Insight will witness the premiere in the genre of poems with music.

The ideologists of the INSIGHT project are Iliodor Marach and Alexander Kan. Insight is a condition which is often called irradiation, it is unmatched high emotion, like a miracle. Mendeleev sensed it in his sleep (dream), Newton under the Apple tree, and Archimedes in the bathroom. Buddha and Confucius, Nietzsche and Kafka have tempted it. Thanks to short-term emotional insights people can forever change their inner and then the outer - the world around them. The emotional beauty and benefit of the phenomenon of "insight" can be appreciated by everyone, rising to the 84th floor of the OKO tower, in the restaurant of delicacies INSIGHT

Alexander Raylyan


In spring 2019, Alexander Raylyan, the best young Chef of Russia according to the authoritative competition “The Silver Triangle” and the finalist of the national stage of the international competition St. Pellegrino Cooking Cup headed the kitchen of Insight.

Alexander Raylyan's cuisine is an original look at combinations of European traditions and bright Asian nuances. In his menu, based on fish and seafood, he brings new flavors to familiar tastes. That’s how tuna tartare with black currant, burrata with coffee and borsch tom yum were created. His classic dishes are still fresh and modern.

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