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Это летняя терраса c чистейшим воздухом. Здесь неоднократно брали специальные пробы и они оказались действительно впечатляющими – заключение: «воздух абсолютно чист».

Первое из них – мясо, рыба и морепродукты преимущественно на гриле.

Вторая важная тема меню – сезонные фрукты и овощи.

Любые дары лета шефы с радостью приготовят любыми доступными способами, мастерски дополнив блюда авторскими соусами. Первое из них – мясо, рыба и морепродукты преимущественно на гриле.


Every Friday and Saturday between midnight and 6:00 A.M the Insight restaurant turns into a night club with own visual and musical project - Techno Live Orchestra.
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Fourteen people perform on music scene against a background of digital lights. There are two strings and three woodwinds instruments, drum and percussion, keyboard, guitar, bass, sample and Duo of male and female voices – those components – which create unique show. Iliodor Marach and Dmitry Ashman (partner of Insight Club) personally have been keenly monitoring the establishment of musical arrangements. For Techno Live Orchestra, PITCH company has prepared a special number of video that interacts with music and enhances the experience. For the first time the restaurant uses architectural and stage light, made in keeping with the latest technical standards.

The ideologists of the INSIGHT project are Iliodor Marach and Alexander Kan. Insight is a condition which is often called irradiation, it is unmatched high emotion, like a miracle. Mendeleev sensed it in his sleep (dream), Newton under the Apple tree, and Archimedes in the bathroom. Buddha and Confucius, Nietzsche and Kafka have tempted it. Thanks to short-term emotional insights people can forever change their inner and then the outer - the world around them. The emotional beauty and benefit of the phenomenon of "insight" can be appreciated by everyone, rising to the 84th floor of the OKO tower, in the restaurant of delicacies INSIGHT

Alexander Stakheev


The chef uses a large number of rare ingredients and delicacies, many of which are brought to the restaurant especially by planes from Japan and Sri Lanka. Major feature of the menu is an unexpected combination of national cuisines: China and Japan with Europe and America. His style is a vivid Asian meal. Alexander Stakheev was born in Moscow. He has a wealth of experience. He worked in "Forte", "Hong Kong", "Sudar" restaurants. Together with Alexei Vasilchuk dreamed up the "PanAsiat" project.